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Health Care for Me

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The types of barriers that I have encountered with relating to healthcare access and insurance is that when I turned 18, I was no longer under my dad's health insurance plan. For a few years, I was uninsured until my friend told me about UNM care (a country-based medical assistance program). I also had to pay out-of-pocket expenses before and even after I obtained health insurance.

My family had difficulty applying and buying health insurance. Before my dad retired, my family was qualified for Medicaid since he made $9.00/hr. Instead of being on Medicaid, my family purchased my dad's company's health insurance plan. I am still not sure as to why we were not on Medicaid. After my dad retired, we are currently covered by UNM care.

Health care reform is important to me because I would have been able to stay on my dad's health insurance plan. I believe that having health insurance benefits me by allowing me to get check-ups ahead of time whenever I get sick. In addition, I will be able to have access to quality, affordable health coverage through the Medicaid expansion and will not be limited to services at UNM Hospital and Clinics or First Choice Community Healthcare, Inc. like I am under UNM Care.