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Health Care for Me

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Before health care reform, I can barely remember the days when I still had insurance. From early on, going to the doctor's was seen as something was very commonplace; even to the point where we were on a first name basis with the doctor. One day though, when our family didn't qualify for governmental insurance, we found ourselves foregoing quality over economy. The number of doctors changed as often as the seasons, and price was always weighing heavily on our minds. Life was always "be careful, you know you don't have insurance" and even I don't get sick, it'll be hard to pay for the costs if you do. It's just been so long without insurance that this seems like reality, and the days of courage aren't' really more than a dream.

Health care reform is important to me because countless lives can be saved even if the opposition spouts on about the consequences of saving a single life should be more than worth it. Human life and human potential are priceless; an investment in health care is an investment for the future.