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Single Parent of Five, Child with Disability, Medicaid CHIP

As a successful businesswoman, Fangyu Wu never thought that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would impact her. She never thought that she or her family would be without health insurance. But after years of marriage, five beautiful children, and overcoming the rollercoaster of a once-thriving business, she found herself in the middle of a life changing situation.

In 2016, Fangyu filed for divorce and found herself and her children, two whom are on the spectrum of autism, without health insurance. She was striving in a new career in real estate while her ex-husband moved with their eldest son to California. She asks, “If I am a hardworking individual and going through a hard time in life, how would I want the government to help me in a time of need?”

That government help came through the ACA. Wu turned to the Marketplace to find a health insurance plan for her and her family to keep them healthy and whole at a time of crisis. She was able to apply for Medicaid CHIP for her two children and purchased a Marketplace plan for her and her two college kids that covered their primary care and psychiatrist.

“It has helped me a lot. I have less to worry about and feel much better. Now I am able to focus on being a mom, building my business, and enjoying my new beginning." says Fangyu.

Fangyu Wu is not alone in supporting the ACA. A survey conducted in Ohio by the AAPI Civic Engagement Network of Ohio revealed that 71 percent of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in Ohio support the ACA in its current form without repeal, while 29 percent responded opposition to the law and want to preserve it with improvements.

Fangyu Wu’s story was provided by Asian Services In Action in Ohio.