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Mother of Four, Medicaid, Child with Disability, Caring for Elderly Parents

Mee Pwa is a mother of four including a daughter who was born with a congenital defect that blocked her ability to pass stool and urine. An operation when she was 3-days old saved her life but left her with a lifetime disability. Pwa’s seven year old daughter visits the hospital monthly to check her kidneys. Her daughter needs constant care at school where a nurse changes her catheter every three hours. The medical supplies and care that her daughter receives is all covered under Medicaid. Because Pwa’s daughter is learning at a slower rate, she may also have an undiagnosed neurological disorder that maybe connected to her daughter’s condition.

Not only does Pwa care for her four children but she also cares for her elderly parents who are unable to work. Her mother is sick and her father is losing vision in one eye. Due to these chronic conditions, Pwa’s parents must take medication regularly. They too are covered under Medicaid.

Pwa’s husband is the only one in the family who can work full-time. Their monthly income is $1,200 and her husband works at a restaurant that does not offer health insurance.

"If I didn't have insurance, I would have to pay. I can't afford it. The doctor is very expensive. Our income is $1,200/month. I have 4 children, me and my husband, and then my parents…”

Mee Pwa’s story was provided by APIAHF partner Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition in Philadelphia, PA.