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Fangyu Wu

Single Parent of Five, Child with Disability, Medicaid CHIP

As a successful businesswoman, Fangyu Wu never thought that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would impact her. She never thought that she or her family would be without health insurance. But after years of marriage, five beautiful children, and overcoming the rollercoaster of a once-thriving business, she found herself in the middle of a life changing situation.

In 2016, Fangyu filed for divorce and found herself and her children, two whom are on the spectrum of autism, without health insurance.

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Tuyet Vu

Mother of Six, Child with Disability, Medicaid

When Tuyet Vu and her husband started their family, they worked as a team raising their children and bridging the hardships with love and support. In nine short years, they grew a fun bunch of six children, including Quynh Vo who was born with down syndrome. Money was not abundant but they enjoyed the small joyous moments that all families with children cherish.

Ritu Gyawali

Elderly Parents, Chronic Condition, Medicaid, Medicare

Ritu is 24-years old, a Texan, Nepali American and daughter. She loves country music, Mexican American food and her family. In the early 2000s, Ritu’s father began to feel increasingly fatigued, dizzy with periods of rapid heartbeat. He would describe the pain like his heart was beating out of his chest. He was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and eventually, congestive heart failure.