Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment Period begins November 1, 2022, and ends January 15, 2023, in most states. 


Visit healtcare.gov now for your health plan or call 800-318-2596.


Link to state marketplaces:

Language Access Information

Translation services are NOT available until you have an open application.

Do you have an open application? Call 1-800-318-2596 for language assistance.

Do you NOT have an open application? Seek Local Assistance for Language Assistance to open an application.

Click Here to find Local Assistance on Healthcare.gov

  1. Enter your Zip Code or Use Your Current Location
  2. Click “Add more filters”
  3. Choose your language from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Apply filters”

Click Here to find Local Assistance on an Alternate Site

  1. Enter your Zip Code
  2. Choose your language from the dropdown menu
  3. Click “Search”

Healthcare.gov translated materials: click HERE

Language Access for State Marketplaces



California: Visit Storefront Finder for Local Assistance

  • Phone Language Access
    • Cantonese  粵語           (800) 339-8938
    • Mandarin    普通话        (800) 300-1533
    • Hmong       Hmoob       (800) 771-2156
    • Khmer        Khmer        (800) 906-8528
    • Korean       한국어        (800) 738-9116
    • Filipino       Tagalog      (800) 983-8816
    • Lao            Lao            (800) 357-7976
    • Vietnamese Tiếng Việt   (800) 652-9528

Colorado: Visit Assistance Network Scheduler OR call (855) 752-6749

Connecticut: Visit Assistance Search OR call (855) 805-4325

District of Columbia: Visit Get Help OR call (855) 532-5465

Idaho: Visit Search for in-person assistance OR call (855) 944-3246

  • Website in Chinese (Simplified) – click the drop down list at the bottom of the page

Kentucky: Call (866) 291-8931

Maine: Call (866) 636-0355

Maryland: Call (855) 642-8572

  • Select Language at top right of the website

Massachusetts: Call (877) 623-6765

Minnesota: Visit Assisted Directory OR Call (651) 539-2099 or (855) 366-7873

Nevada: Visit Local Assistance Locator OR call (800) 547-2927

New Jersey: Visit In-Person Assistance Search OR call (833) 677-1010

New Mexico: Visit Find Help Near You OR call (833) 862-3935

  • Select Language at top right of the website

New York: Visit Find Broker/Navigator OR call (855) 355-5777

Pennsylvania: Visit Search for in-person assistance Pennie OR Call (844) 844-8040

  • Select Language at bottom right of the website

Rhode Island: Visit Navigator Search OR call (855) 840-4774

Vermont: Call (855) 899-9600

Washington: Visit Navigator Search OR call (855) 923-4633

Gathering Documents for Your Application

Additional Resources