Oliver Kim has nearly two decades of experience in law, health policy, and policy-making as a former congressional advisor and a healthcare advocate. He serves as the public policy director for Corewell Health, an integrated health system in the Midwest, and as an adjunct professor of law with the University of Pittsburgh.

Oliver spent a decade working in the United States Senate: first, as a senior advisor to a U.S. Senator during the historic debates over the Medicare Part D program and the Affordable Care Act; and second, as the deputy staff director for the Special Committee on Aging. He also served as the federal policy director for Cambia Health Solutions and the legislative director for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Oliver has a BA in English and history from Indiana University at Bloomington, a JD from the University of Minnesota, and an LLM from Georgetown University. He has presented and published both domestically and internationally on topics such as aging, health equity, reproductive health, and the role of technology in healthcare. Oliver was selected for a Fulbright Scholar award, an Endeavour fellowship from the Australian government, and as a Professional Fellow for the American Council of Young Political Leaders.