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Congress also agreed to restore Medicaid coverage for the Marshallese and other Pacific Islanders after nearly 25 years, following a POLITICO investigation.

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 South Asian, Chinese New Yorkers among the hardest hit by Covid, study shows

By Vignesh Ramachandran | The research shows the importance of disaggregating data for Asian American patients — and the need to do more, advocates say.

“Disaggregated data is absolutely critical,” said Juliet Choi, CEO of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, a health advocacy organization. “For the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander community, we represent over 50 different countries and we speak more than 100 different languages. So to really understand both the wellness — or the lack of wellness — experienced by our communities, we need that disaggregated data.”

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 Irradiated, Cheated and Now Infected: America’s Marshall Islanders Confront a Covid-19 Disaster

By Dan Diamond | The United States used their homeland for nuclear test-bombing, then denied them Medicaid. Now, their way of life in the U.S. heartland has left them prime prey for the pandemic.

But after two decades of fighting—and losing—the effort to restore Medicaid access, those advocates like Juliet Choi, the CEO of the Asian American & Pacific Islander Health Forum, are expressing a new emotion: cautious optimism. “2020 was a watershed moment. Given the political divide in Washington, the COFA bill in the House was a shining example of bipartisanship to do the right thing. I’m just begging for our political leaders to have the political will to allocate resources—even translated materials—as our country is bracing for the next bad wave of Covid this winter. But the fact that we have political leaders willing to advocate to restore Medicaid, that’s a really good thing.”

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