How to Use the Postcards

We’ve provided post card templates and sample taglines that you can use to create your own post cards. Use the post cards at your next health reform education event or any of the event suggestions discussed in this toolkit. The cards include taglines that people can translate into their native languages. There are also taglines with key facts that you can share if you don’t speak another language.
* Print out a card for each person (you can use regular paper or cardstock)
* Encourage community members to hand write the taglines in languages other than English or share a key fact if they don’t speak another language
* Group the cards as a package and mail them to APIAHF by March 22, 2013
Mailing Address:
Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum
1828 L Street NW, Suite 802
Washington DC 20036
Once we have a good collection of cards, we will package them up and send them to the federal agencies working on implementing health reform.
Note: You may include your own logo or organizational name to personalize these postcards. You may also download a template without a message so people may hand write their own postcards.