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ACA, Pre-Existing Conditions

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) submits this written testimony for the record for the January 29, 2019 hearing before the House Ways & Means Committee “Protecting Americans with Pre-existing Conditions.”

As an organization that has worked for over 32 years at the federal, state, and local levels to advance sensible policies that reduce health disparities and promote health equity, we are deeply troubled by the District Court’s ruling in Texas vs. U.S., challenging the constitutionality of the ACA and its protections for persons with pre-existing conditions. In the nearly nine years since the ACA became law, millions have gained coverage and the law has touched the lives of nearly every American, providing critical protections against insurance company practices, protecting seniors from high cost-sharing in Medicare, improving the quality of care and strengthening civil rights protections. These provisions could be overturned if the ACA were to be found unconstitutional and would send a shockwave through the U.S. healthcare system. At least 20 million Americans could lose their coverage.