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Data and research

With the HIV/AIDS epidemic continuing to grow globally, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders (AA and NHPIs) are just as susceptible to HIV infection as any other racial or ethnic group. Even though HIV/AIDS rates among AA and NHPIs are low in comparison to other racial or ethnic groups identified as high risk populations, trends in surveillance data over the years reveal a growing epidemic among AA and NHPIs. Underreporting of HIV and AIDS cases and misclassification of AA and NHPI subpopulations often mask the true impact of the epidemic, but HIV/AIDS is becoming more visible among AA and NHPI communities in the United States. AA and NHPIs face unique challenges and issues that affect HIV/AIDS prevention and care, including language issues, economic and legal barriers, stigma, social and cultural norms, and lack of access to culturally appropriate services. These issues need to be addressed in order to develop and implement effective prevention, treatment, and care services for AA and NHPIs.