Project Goal

To improve the Youth Civic Engagement process, the AIM for Youth Hawaii (AIM HI) project seeks to increase awareness about civic engagement processes and increase youth ages 16-25 involvement in community activities. AIM for Youth Hawaii will:
1. Create a statewide youth advisory council of at least 20-youth representative of each island (Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai) aimed to cultivate the next generation of emerging leaders;
2. Develop a youth led civic engagement curriculum; and 3) deliver at least six sessions on each island face to face or through webinars of the AIM HI Youth Civic Engagement leadership training curriculum.

Communities Served and Milestones

Community Served: Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans
* Statewide recruitment of 20 students from all Hawaiian islands to form youth advisory council
* Developed youth-led civic engagement curriculum
* Youth internship opportunities with Hawaii policy makers


Develop statewide youth advisory council
* Recruit Statewide youth advisory council representatives
* Develop listing of all youth advisory council and profiles
* Attend and collaborate with Keiki Caucus
* Incorporate Youth Convention into Children and Youth Day 2014
Develop youth civic engagement curriculum
* Adapt Youth Civic engagement curriculum
* Train youth on Civic Engagement via webinars
* Host hands on workshop on each island
* Engage youth in a community change process
Develop a youth workplan
* Solicit feedback from youth regarding workplan
* Assist youth implement workplan


“The REI work has impacted our community(ies) by providing space for connecting generations of ideas and inspiring critical and analytical thinking.”
—Hawai’i, Kehau Meyer