Project Goal

To improve Family Economic Security for Asian American (AA) children and families in Village de l’Est and the Greater New Orleans area in Louisiana by:
1. Development of the Village de l’Est Sustainable Eco-Farm
2. Implement a community youth leadership development program
3. Advocacy of aquaponics, sustainable agriculture, and local agriculture

Communities Served and Milestones

Community Served: Asian Americans
* Developed a cohort of cross-racial youth leaders to participate in food justice work
* Expansion of edible farms and aquaponics to the Edward Harney Elementary School
* Launch of the community’s farmers market at the Lower 9th Ward


Village de l’Est Sus. Eco-Farm
* Procurement of vendors for supplies and materials for Village de l’Est Sustainable Eco-Farm Program
Implement Program
* Youth leadership development
* Outreach and recruitment of 7 new growers (including youth)
* Revise VEGGI Farmers’ Cooperative sustainable agriculture training curriculum to include youth development component
* Hold 1-40 hour training workshop on sustainable agriculture
* Presentation on Farm Bill to community farmers
* Research pre-existing models of local farmer and government collaborations
* Develop a list of key stakeholders and decision makers
* Advocate on sustainable agriculture policies, particularly around water access for agricultural purposes, municipally supported composting, and economic/legislative incentives for buyers and businesses to source locally
“The REI work has impacted our community(ies) by investing in our community’s longevity, survival, health, aesthetic, cultural
wealth, and diversity.”
—NOLA, Daniel Nguyen