Project Goal

Improve conditions of schools to be more inclusive of South Asian Americans (SAA) children and families in Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan by:
1. Increasing disaggregated data collection efforts through creation of mechanisms (e.g., school and state-level policies) to increase reporting of cultural insensitivity and bullying, and
2. Decreasing incidences of cultural insensitivity and bullying through programming and the creation of toolkits for children, families, and educators.

Communities Served and Milestones

Community Served: South Asian Americans
* Involvement of Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission’s (MAPAAC) in collaborative
* School districts are including South Asian cultural competency curriculum within existing diversity and social justice curriculum
* Parent mobilization against bullying in schools


Impact school and state policy on reporting disaggregated data on cultural insensitivity and bullying
* Research current data collection efforts and processes for reporting at school and state level
* Review current legislative opportunities (existing or need to introduce) and
* Engage School Boards to discuss policy recommendations on reporting to be inclusive of nuances of SAA cultural insensitivity and bullying
Parent Mobilization
* Toolkits for parents
* Toolkits for kids
* Toolkits for teachers
Impact existing school curriculum
* Revise from existing workplan based on meetings during site visit
* Collaboration among community leaders, empowering parents and youth to be


The REI work has impacted our community(ies) by fostering more meaningful collaboration among community leaders,
empowering parents and youth to be stronger advocates, preparing educators to nurture all of our children in culturally sensitive classrooms that include South Asian American experiences, and creating safe space for dialogue among South Asian American parents with shared experiences that encourage support instead of shame.”
—Michigan, Theresa Tran