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HIV/AIDS, Organizational development

Recording and slides for the Managing in Times of Change and Transition Webinar Series, Part III: Leading Change that took place on April 28, 2011.
Today, nonprofit organizations are increasingly called upon to make dramatic changes in response to decreasing revenues, increased demand for services and external pressures. This three-part webinar series covers the key questions to consider and change management tools to use in order to manage change successfully.
Leaders in organizations are continuously required to lead their organizations through the change process. Without question, leading a change initiative in an organization is the most difficult task to execute. In this webinar, we will examine the keys to successfully leading change in an organization, how to create buy-in and inspire and motivate support for change initiatives.
Topics covered in Part III include:
* Exploring key change models to facilitate the change process
* Assessing agency culture to determine effective strategies and action planning
* The role and importance of emotional intelligence in leading change efforts
* Succession planning as part of leading change
About the Presenter:
Doris Roach, J.D., is an executive coach and management consultant specializing in developing effective leadership, strong teams and helping organizations benefit from an increasingly diverse workplace.