C4H Managing Director

Ben is the director of strategy & design at APIAHF’s Capacity for Health project. In his role, he experiments with fun ideas in the marathon-like world of programmatic strategy. Ben leans into his activator strength to cultivate solutions for complex challenges.

Ben is a “leadership pipeline baby.” He is among countless emerging non-profit leaders–who like them–rapidly moved up the organizational leadership ladder within a span of a few years. He’s also obsessed with reality competition television and enjoys movies, indoor cycling, yoga, and happy hour.

“Health Forum encourages me to imagine the future and experiment with ways to get there. This is inspiring to me because I know that without the courage to imagine, I cannot make the imagined, real. Let’s courageously imagine a future of health equity, together!”




  • Target Recruitment for Hard to Reach Populations
  • Care Engagement & Coordination
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Management
  • Design Sprint Facilitation




  • Facilitating a design sprint with a non-profit organization to create new core values for a newly hired team
  • Assisting a state health department create occupational health safety policies for operating mobile HIV testing clinics
  • Training HIV test counselors on strength-based counseling techniques to encourage patients to link to care
  • Facilitating stakeholder mapping and service inventories with a community planning coalition to discover service gaps in their neighborhood