Program Assistant

Gabriel is the Program Assistant for APIAHF’s COVID-19 projects. In his role, he will help develop partnerships with national and local organizations to collaborate toward a National AA NHPI COVID-19 Health Response Partnership. He will also support the Intervention, Prevention, and Control (IPC) training initiative for a National Healthcare Workforce. He brings his project management, organizational/process development, and analytical skills to support AA NHPI communities that are at a high risk for contracting COVID-19.

Gabriel joins the Health Forum with the purpose to change lives for the better and to deconstruct systemic barriers that exclude vulnerable communities from optimal healthcare and health education access. Gabriel’s background includes his involvement in local and statewide grassroots organizing efforts, which have primarily revolved around uplifting civic engagement and social justice advocacy within Filipinx American communities. Additionally, he is a staff member of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) and a community organizer of a local civic engagement organization in San Jose, CA, called LEAD Filipino. His love for and affinity to social impact work can be derived from his positive experiences in community development and national coalition/camaraderie building. Gabe enjoys spending time with friends, reading, baseball, and traveling in the Bay Area to try new food places.

I attribute my life’s work to the communities that have instilled me with the knowledge and voice to be a game-changer. My communities empower me to do this important work. I intend to use my platform, prior experiences, and privileges to give back in the ways that are essential in order to defeat prevalent access, quality, and equity barriers in healthcare.” – Gabriel