Training Manager

Jamila is the training manager for APIAHF’s Capacity for Health project. In her role, she designs and delivers customized online and in-person trainings across the country. She specializes in creating accessible and actionable learning experiences for individuals, teams, and large organizations. A natural leader, Jamila utilizes research and compassion to empower people within their communities to realize and create change.

Before APIAHF, Jamila earned her Master’s in Public Health and managed HIV/AIDS prevention programs, specializing in Black and Latinx sex worker, homeless, and substance use populations. She enjoys making greens for her 93 years old grandma who has given her wisdom to navigate the world. On the flipside, she loves watching sports and managing her own fantasy football team.

“My favorite Frederick Douglass quote is, “Without a struggle there is no progress.” While my communities have been traumatized and oppressed we have been resilience and persevered. My work affords me opportunity to model within my community to continue steadfast in reaching their goals.”




  • Coaching
  • Curriculum Design
  • Training
  • Program development
  • Network innovation




  • Curriculum adaptation and piloting intervention for transgender women
  • Guiding a health department through the development of a new internal Capacity Building Unit, to provide increased support and assessment of health department-funded grantees
  • Streamlining and editing some training curriculum for federal clearance