Evaluation and Strategy Development Specialist

Jasmine is the Evaluation and Strategy Development specialist supporting APIAHF’s COVID-19 projects. In her role, she tracks implementation and outputs, and measures the effectiveness of programs. Jasmine utilizes analytical and systems thinking and community building to understand the needs of people.

Before joining APIAHF, Jasmine attended Touro University California, completing her Master’s of Public Health degree. During her graduate studies, she had the pleasure of participating on a research study, publishing her first article, Chat-based Hotlines for Health Promotions: A Systematic Review.

“Being a first generation Vietnamese-American, I experienced first-hand the inequities my parents, and many others like them, faced. This propelled me to pursue a path in which I can be a part of the resolution to reducing social and health inequities. In alignment with the Health Forum’s mission, I am honored to be a part of a team to continue this work.” -Jasmine