Production Coordinator

Jesswa is the Production Coordinator at Capacity for Health, a program of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum. In her role, she provides technical assistance and support on the creation and implementation of multimedia content, supports content creation for social media campaigns, and contributes to the development of multimedia assets across various channels. A skilled storyteller, she has always emphasized the importance of creativity in social justice campaigns to amplify the message.

Before APIAHF, Jesswa was a freelance graphic artist and creative producer who worked with small production companies in local communities making short film documentaries. She likes to paint, surf, and memorize a rap song when she’s stressed.

“Growing up, I have seen the impact of diseases and calamaties on local marginalized communities. I have always believed that basic human compassion is the keystone to solving difficult situations– it may take a while for others to realize this, but a time will come that they will.” -Jesswa