Managing Director, COVID-19 Response

Lily is the Manager Director for APIAHF’s COVID-19 projects. In her role, she will forge partnerships with national and local organizations to convene a National AANHPI COVID-19 Health Response Partnership. She will also support the IPC training initiative for a National Healthcare Workforce. Lily will utilize her organizational, project management, and relationship-building skills to support various sub-groups of AANHPI communities at high risk for COVID-19.

Before APIAHF, Lily already worked in the nonprofit sector for three years, serving the most resource-constrained populations. Lily loves to travel and see the world, as this allows her to be more adaptable and more culturally sensitive and aware.

“I am passionate in public health because of my childhood experience volunteering at free medical clinics and witnessing the reality of social and health disparities. I hope I can make a difference to ensuring ALL individuals have equal access and knowledge to health information and resources.” – Lily