Business Development Manager

Maria is the business development manager for APIAHF’s Capacity for Health project. In her role, she manages the opportunities and sales pipeline, oversees the marketing and communications team and provides capacity building support to clients. As a social worker at heart, Maria uses the strengths-based approach and empathy to meet clients where they are at and to build their knowledge and skills, as they navigate our continuum of services.

Maria has been in the training and capacity building field for 7 years. Before entering into the field, Maria worked with middle school and high school youth as a school social worker. When she is not trying to save the world, she can be found at her CrossFit gym working out or lifting heavy weights.

“In my youth, I witnessed my community and family be silenced by violence and abuse, and I knew I wanted to stand up and help those without a voice be heard.”




  • Executive Coaching
  • Training Deliver
  • Needs Assessments
  • Stakeholder Relationship Development
  • Non-profit Management
  • Project Management




  • Building a capacity building unit within Health Departments to provide assistance to jurisdiction
  • Streamlining Customer Relationship Management system
  • Integrating marketing and communications team with program operations
  • Leading the development of a new capacity building unit within a city health department