We know that Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities are often left out of the narrative — whether it’s media coverage or government policy. We’re collecting your stories so we can focus our advocacy efforts and learn about life for you.

Find out what J does in the first issue of Day By Day.

Below are a few stories you have shared with us. Please check back each week for thoughts from the community and an opportunity for you to share.

“I work at a college supporting Asian American and first gen college and now have to do programming remotely, and many of our students are experiencing both fear and actual verbal incidents of anti-asian racism and xenophobia.”

“We are physically distant but somehow we are more connected.”

“My organization is very small and I’m overwhelmed accomplishing my grant goals while trying to figure out how to respond to COVID19 as quickly as possible. I find hope in the Mutual Aid group I’m building with several others on my own time and I’ll hopefully be getting the help I need from volunteers.”

“I’m staying home 24/7. I already work from home. I’m worried about the LGBT youth I can’t see at the support center we had to close, some of whom are Asian. I’m doing what I can to support them virtually. I’m very interested in the resources you’ll provide.”

More appreciation to my family and community. Empathy and Love.”