To our great displeasure and surprise, California Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed Assembly Bill AB-176, the Accounting for Health and Education in API Demographics (AHEAD) Act, which would have been instrumental in revealing chronic disparities with both higher education and healthcare access for our communities.

Join the Southeast Asia Resource Center (SEARAC), Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF), Empowering Pacific Islander Communities and other Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AA and NHPI) in communicating our concern over Governor Brown’s lack of support for our communities, as well as our call to the Governor to hear our community’s diverse voices in a community-hosted Town Hall with parents, students, academics and other community leaders.

APIAHF recognizes that AB-176 would have provided California with the opportunity to blaze trails in serving richly diverse communities that have been rendered invisible through outdated data systems throughout the United States.

To express your disappointment and call to action, sign on to this letter, informing the Governor that his veto condones the systemic concealment of our community’s struggles and the failure to address adequately the serious education and health disparities we experience daily.

Deadline FRIDAY, October 16, at 3 pm PST.

TAKE ACTION! Click here to sign a letter to Governor Brown expressing your disappointment over his veto of AB-176 and urging him to listen to our voices during our upcoming community-hosted Town Hall.