Senators working on the immigration reform bill (S. 744) are in the process of agreeing to a border amendment (Corker-Hoeven amendment) that could include provisions harmful to the health and well being of immigrants and their families.

The amendment could be introduced on the Senate floor at any minute.

We need you to take action TODAY and call your Senator to tell them to stand up for immigrant families by opposing the “Hatch/Rubio” amendments that seek to punish immigrants and supporting amendments that protect immigrant health.

Tell your Senator to:

  • OPPOSE the “Hatch/Rubio” amendments that would lock out aspiring citizens from health reform and deny them Social Security credit for earnings
  • SUPPORT health coverage for all lawfully present kids and pregnant women
  • SUPPORT Senator Hirono’s amendment allowing access to safety-net programs for aspiring citizens who are lawfully present, paying taxes and working

CALL: 1-866-834-8040 TODAY

Tell your Senator the following message:

“Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME/ORGANIZATION] and I am calling to strongly urge Senator [NAME OF SENATOR] to OPPOSE the following Hatch-Rubio amendments to S.744 (the immigration reform bill): Amendments #1246, 1247, 1248, and 1249.

The amendments are mean-spirited, unnecessary, and unfair. They will undermine the bipartisan spirit and overall goal of immigration reform.

I ask that you SUPPORT access to health coverage for all lawfully present children and pregnant women and allow aspiring citizens who are working hard and paying taxes access to the same safety-net programs their tax dollars support (Hirono #1317).”