The new Congressional leadership has announced that they will hold a vote on Wednesday, January 19th to repeal the historic health care reform legislation that was signed into law last year. Health care reform gives our children, families, and communities the freedom from worrying about losing their insurance or being denied health care because of pre-existing conditions. Urge your Representative to reject efforts to repeal health care reform!
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Follow these instructions to take action using Twitter:

  1. Visit www.tweetcongress.org to find your Representative’s Twitter handle.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Find your Representative” widget on the left hand side.
  3. Enter your zip code and click “enter.”
  4. Your Representative’s Twitter handle should be listed (@name) below the name(s). Additional information including numbers of followers, friends and updates can be found there as well.
  5. Copy or remember the twitter handle (@name) of your Representative.
  6. Go to www.twitter.com and log into your account.
  7. Tweet your Representative!

Important: Please use the hashtags #HCR and #protectHCR in your message. Using hashtags helps to aggregate data on what people are talking about on Twitter. You can also include hashtags for your city and state as well, such as #SF (San Francisco), #BayArea (San Francisco Bay Area), and #CA (California).

Below are some examples of tweets:

  1. @maziehirono #HCR will bring affordable coverage to 30 million more, including AAs and NHPIs in #HI who are uninsured. Vote to #protectHCR
  2. @NancyPelosi #HCR gives children, families and communities in #SF #CA the freedom from worrying about being denied coverage. #protectHCR
  3. @cbrangel Repealing #HCR will increase our deficit and leave those in #NYC #NY paying more for less. Please vote to #protectHCR

Important: You are only allowed to use 140 characters in a tweet. So the message may need to be changed depending on the length of the username, the hashtag for your city and state, and other factors.