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As a health justice non-profit organization, APIAHF is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of more than 20 million AAs and NHPIs living in the United States and its jurisdictions. We believe that all persons have the right to be healthy, the right to live in a thriving community, and the right to quality, affordable, and accessible health care.

​Influencing and Shaping Policies that Impact AA and NHPI Communities

APIAHF works with partners from local communities to influence local, state and federal-level public policy. Our presence and partnerships in Washington, DC allow us to shape federal policies that impact AA and NHPI communities across the nation by expanding access, improving quality and advancing health equity.

Mobilizing Communities Across the Nation for Change

APIAHF engages community leaders across the country, including community public health organizations and social justice advocates, on national and state issues to address health challenges in their backyard, rally against harmful policies, organize around healthy practices, and call on policymakers to improve the health of our communities.

Strengthening Programs and Organizations

APIAHF strengthens local and regional community organizations by providing them with the tools, skills, training, technical assistance, and organizational capacity building needed to empower them to be stronger advocates in their communities.

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