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Lenaya a program coordinator for Capacity for Health (C4H), the national capacity building program of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum. She currently coordinates and leads the onboarding process for the National Learning Community for HIV Leadership. She brings a unique lens to her team, with diverse background experiences in biotech, hospital administration, nonprofits and self-employment.

Prior to coming to APIAHF, Lenaya has explored many avenues to marry her need for creative expression and her calling to heal. She has run both a food business and a doula practice. Trained in health supportive cooking, herbal medicine making and certified as a birth and postpartum doula; Lenaya believes in a holistic approach to wellness on the personal, community and environmental level.

“Along my journey, I have come to realize that everything is connected, we cannot address the environment, the economy, public health, etc. without inclusivity. It is at the intersection in the full richness of life, that we gain perspective to address our collective needs.” -Lenaya

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