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Uterine Health Fact Sheets

Publish Date: April 2024

Type: Fact Sheets

Topics: Uterine Health


Language: English, Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese


Uterine Health Fact Sheets
Download PDF • 2.81MB

Did you know that Asian American and Pacific Islander people are more likely to be diagnosed with uterine cancer at a younger age and experience more severe and advanced cancer?

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) has developed a two-pager resource on uterine health for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities.

This resource is also available in Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Uterine Health Fact Sheets_Arabic
Download PDF • 1.17MB
Uterine Health Fact Sheets_Korean
Download PDF • 1.12MB
Uterine Health Fact Sheets_Simplified Chinese
Download PDF • 1.53MB
Uterine Health Fact Sheets_Tagalog
Download PDF • 1.47MB
Uterine Health Fact Sheets_Vietnamese
Download PDF • 2.49MB


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