What we do: APIAHF serves as one of the few racial and ethnic focused consumer organizations working to transform our health care system in a way that advances health equity.


High quality care maximizes the likelihood of positive health outcomes. At the most basic level, this requires health providers and systems to be responsive to patients and to develop mechanisms for delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate care.

Communities Have Unique Needs

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders face cultural and language barriers when accessing health care. Despite having higher rates of certain health conditions, many Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders do not receive the recommended levels of prevention, counseling or care they need.

High quality care is care that is:

  • Patient centered
  • Culturally competent
  • Provided in the patient’s preferred language
  • Provided by a diverse workforce
  • Leverages technology for detailed data collection, reporting and analysis

Above all, high quality care must have an explicit goal of achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities.


Achieving the Triple Aim of better care, better health and lower costs will not be possible if we do not address the unique needs and assets of communities of color and other disproportionately underserved groups. Care must be patient centered, patients must be informed and engaged, care must be coordinated, and providers, patients and caregivers must have access to information necessary to inform their care and monitor and improve health care quality.

APIAHF is proud to be a part of the Families USA Health Equity Taskforce for Delivery and Payment Transformation and the Consumer and Patient Affinity Group of the Learning Action Network.