The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) has partnered with the National Institutes of Health to join in efforts to raise awareness about the All of Us Research program.

The All of Us Research program aims to engage 1 million or more volunteers across the country to help build one of the largest, most diverse datasets of its kind for health research. Participants will share information over many years in a variety of ways, through surveys, electronic health records, physical measurements, blood and urine samples, and wearable technologies. Researchers of all types, from citizen scientists to investigators in academia and industry, may request free access to the data, which will be de-identified to protect participant privacy. Their analyses may yield new insights about how individual differences affect health and disease, potentially leading to more tailored treatments and prevention strategies in the future.

APIAHF is one of more than 20 national community and provider organizations that are receiving a combined $1 million in funding to help educate their communities about the benefits of participation in this landmark project to accelerate breakthroughs in precision medicine.

APIAHF’s activities will add to the work already underway by an initial set of community engagement partners and other awardees in the program’s nationwide consortium.

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