January 30, 2014

WASHINGTON— Kathy Ko Chin, president and CEO of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF), issued the following statement reacting to the House Republican leadership’s immigration principles:

“While we are pleased to see House Republicans acknowledging the necessity of immigration reform, the principles released today are simply not sufficient.

Immigration reform must be fair and inclusive for all aspiring Americans and a path to citizenship is a crucial part of that. We agree that America’s immigration policies must further our national interests. The language released, while an important and sincere step, is still far from it.

Our national interests require a system that works for all immigrant families, that provides a path to move out of the shadows, unites loved ones that have been separated for years and provides everyone an equal opportunity at good health.

We hope today is the start of a renewed commitment to move forward on reforms that put America on a better and more equitable path.”