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HIV/AIDS, Program evaluation

A recording of the How to Use Excel for Data Analysis and Reports webinar that took place on March 10, 2011.
What do you do after you have entered all your data from a workshop evaluation or other self-administered questionnaire? Do you (gasp!) visually count the responses? Do you find someone who can do SPSS analysis? Do you file and forget?
This webinar will show you how to build an Excel file that will automatically calculate all the frequencies (percents) of responses to questions, and then display the results on a print-ready report sheet. This method works best when the same questionnaire is used multiple times; however, getting the results without the attractive report is easy for even one-time events.
This hour‐long webinar will teach you how to:
1. Use formulas in Excel to automatically analyze simple data.
2. Format a print-ready report from Excel data.
3. Increase your confidence in using Excel for data analysis and reports.
Recommended prerequisites:
Basic familiarity with Excel: the ability to enter data and use the Sum function to add numbers. No higher-level skill is needed!
Lyn Paleo has worked with non-profits for several decades and worked as an evaluator for 20 years. One of her interest areas is helping non-profits build the capacity to conduct basic evaluations in-house.