Board Liaison and Confidential Assistant to the CEO

Erika is the Board Liaison and Confidential Assistant to the CEO, serving as the liaison to the Board of Directors. Prior to APIAHF, Erika spent nine years in the global health/HIV prevention sector. At an international non-profit product development partnership, she supported the President, the Board of Directors, and numerous executives. Most recently she assisted several executives in a fundraising and development team of a major U.S. non-profit. Erika also has years of experience working at a marketing and public relations firm helping many countries to advance their tourism industries.

Born and raised in Estonia, Erika brings to APIAHF a versatile background. With her B.A. in International Relations, and parallelly to her career in non-profits and marketing, she has worked one weekend a month at the U.S. Naval Academy for 20 years.

In her leisure time, Erika has traveled the world, trained six years in Krav Maga, ran marathons, played ice hockey, climbed mountains, and she continues to enjoy the outdoors.